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Shanghai Shili Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.-Located in Fengxian Industrial Park in the southeast corner of Shanghai, it is close to Hulu Expressway (Yangshan Deepwater Port Wharf), back to Tingda Expressway and Chuannan Fengfeng Expressway, and 18 kilometers away from Luchao Port Deepwater Wharf, with convenient transportation. The company was founded in the 1980 s. The factory covers an area of about 33,000 square meters, various industrial plants of about 20,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, and 14 engineering and technical personnel. With a monthly production capacity of more than 500 tons, it is equipped with a full set of production process equipment such as heat treatment line and electroplating line.

Shanghai Shili Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Subsidiary Company: Shanghai Shili Electroplating Co., Ltd. mainly produces and processes roll galvanizing, with a monthly output of 1,600 tons. All kinds of standard parts, the monthly production capacity of more than 200 tons. Shanghai Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the main outsourcing unit; Qingpu Benyuan Company; Songjiang Yangyang Company; Shanghai Tongli Company; Jiang Zhen Metal Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.; Wuxi Brilliance Standard Company; "Shanghai" Hengzhao Metal Products Co., Ltd. The company has a complete set of scientific quality management system and advanced production process equipment and facilities. It has 5-6 years of experience in galvanizing high-strength products. It keeps the knife edge and strength of the products in their original state. The passivation surface color can reach blue and white, and the yellow zinc can reach color and red. The blunt film is firm, corrosion-resistant and does not fall off. All products are dried with mesh belts. There are six electroplating assembly lines in equipment and facilities, including 70 semi-automatic assembly lines imported from Taiwan, there is electroplating professional mesh belt flowing oven. Electrogalvanizing processing capacity barrel plating large 2500mm, hanging plating tank 4000-6000mm, tin plating tank 6000-8000mm, the company added silver plating, tin plating service. In Baoshan District, Nanhui District, there are electroplating factories, and various chemical raw materials, galvanizing width, wet brightener, high temperature leveling agent, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, liquid alkali, caustic soda, sodium bisulfite, polyaluminum chloride and other additives are operated. Processed products are well received by domestic and foreign merchants.

Shanghai Shili Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has more than 100 cold machines made in Taiwan. The main processing and production of high-strength dry-wall screws, fiberboard screws, etc., manufacturing and processing of the above products, packaging one-stop service, and electro-galvanizing assembly line technology and technology for professional supporting services or contracting. The products we produce are mainly sold abroad. The purpose of our enterprise is: reputation first, all unsatisfied customer service. We warmly welcome new and old customers patronize our business, in order to open up our common market, create brilliant.